Track-pad Mode on iPhone and iPad; Changes The iOS Keyboard Into A Mouse

Is your fat thumb or finger making it
difficult for you to edit messages or words? Relax because the days of tapping
onto words are gone. With the iOS 12, Apple has introduced to its iPhone and
iPad users the new “track-pad” mode.
aforementioned mode enables the users to change the whole keyboard into a mouse
by holding onto any desirable key.
pressing and holding any key of the iOS keyboard does the trick and makes the
keyboard disappear and makes it possible for the users to freely and easily move
their way like a mouse to where ever they want, without having to use their
fingers or thumbs.
Using the
track-pad is quite uncomplicated. Touch any key on the iOS keyboard of your
iPhone or iPad and hold it, the keyboard would start disappearing and now
simply start moving the cursor like a mouse.


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