Hackers collect the data of Russians for the introduction of new sanctions

There are hacker groups in Russia that are looking for potential candidates among Russians for inclusion in the sanctions lists for Europeans and Americans. This was announced at the AntiFraud event by the Head of the Group-IB company Ilya Sachkov.

Sachkov said that cyber criminals collected information about Bank accounts and payments. Attackers take root into a critical infrastructure in various sectors of the economy and in Banks. According to Sachkov, the company may be unnoticed under the supervision of cybercriminals for a long time.

“They primarily study their accounts, as well as the volume and direction of transactions,” noted Sachkov.

An anonymous cybersecurity source said that he knew about two or three cases where certain people fell under the sanctions due to the activity of hackers. Group-IB did not give information on specific cases of hacker attacks in Russia for the purpose of imposing sanctions.

An interesting fact is that there are several Pro-government hacker groups in the world. They collect information about individuals and structures that can be used to replenish the sanctions lists of different countries, not just the US and the EU. These groups work not only in Russia. According to Group-IB, the top 3 countries of origin of the most active Pro-government hacker groups include China, North Korea and Iran.

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