Toyota Develops a Car Hacking Tool ‘PASTA’

A security researcher at an automobile maker Toyota has developed an open source tool dubbed as PASTA (Portable Automotive Security Testbed) for testing the cyber vulnerabilities in modern vehicles.

The researcher Takuya Yoshida, who is a member of Toyota’s InfoTechnology Center, demonstrated the  PASTA testing platform at the BLACKHAT EUROPE 2018, along with this other team members.

The company has revealed that they plan to share PASTA’s specifications on Github, and initially, Toyota intends to sell the system in Japan only.

“There was a delay in the development of cybersecurity in the automobile industry; [it’s] late,” Toyama said in a pdf shared by a Blackhat Europe.

The PASTA is a 8kg portable briefcase size. It exposes flaws in the automated, internet-connected automobiles.

According to the researcher, the tool simulates a remote operation of wheels, brakes, windows, and other car features rather than “the real thing,” for safety reasons.

“It’s small and portable so users can study, research, and hack with it anywhere,” Toyama further added.

Here are the complete White paper and Presentation for Car Hacking Tool project.
Download Presentation Slides
Download White Paper

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