Twitter API Bug Enables Third Party Access to User Data

An API bug found earlier this month that could host
unapproved third-party developers in order to gain access to the user’s
information on Twitter was as of late looked for and removed by the said social
networking site.
The bug was said to affect the permission dialog while approving
and authorizing certain applications to twitter and left direct messages to be
exposed to the third party without the user’s knowledge. Instead of the OAuth
token-based method, bug manifested with applications that require a PIN to
finish the authorization procedure.
Terence Eden, who found the issue and thusly reported it to
Twitter describes it as one coming directly from the official Twitter API keys
and the privileged insights being uninhibitedly accessible, enabling the
application developers to get to the Twitter API even without the administration’s
In spite of the fact that Twitter upheld a few confinements
to anticipate imitating the official applications by utilizing the keys to
divert to an alternate application than the one they are related with. They
utilized a strategy to limit ‘callback URLs’, so a developer couldn’t utilize
the API keys with their application.
Yet, shockingly this assurance was not comprehensive, since
some applications don’t utilize a URL, or they may not bolster call-backs and
for these, Twitter at that point resorts to a secondary, PIN based, approval
system. Later on, Eden saw that the applications did not demonstrate the
correct OAuth details to the user. For reasons unknown, the discourse wrongly
informed the user that the application could not be able to access the direct
messages, although the inverse was valid.
The researcher submitted his discoveries through HackerOne
on November 6 and the issue was acknowledged around the same time subsequent to
giving elucidations and exhibiting the privacy violation problem.
Nonetheless Twitter settled the issue on December 6 subsequently informing the analyst that he could distribute the subtleties of
his report.

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