New Netflix Phishing Scam Which Seeks Updated Payment Info

A new Netflix scam email has been doing the rounds; as per reports, it’s a phishing message that seeks updated payment info from people.

It’s one police department in Ohio that has revealed the incidence of such a scam. The Solon Police Department in Ohio wrote intimating people of this scam; the message reads, “We talk about scams from time to time. Here’s an example of an email phishing attempt that I received. (Biggest clue is that I don’t have a Netflix account). Criminals want you to click the links, so that you voluntarily give your personal identifying information away. It is very successful. Don’t put your guard down. Contact the source of the email by another method that you trust, to make sure your accounts are maintained. Don’t click the links. The links could also be a way to install malware on your computer.”

Attached to the message is a copy of the phishing email, which begins with the alert stating, “Your account is on hold”. Then follows the header ‘Please update your payment details’, after which it shows the message- “Hi Dear, We’re having some trouble with your current billing information. We’ll try again, but in the meantime you may want to update your payment details.” This is followed by a button saying- UPDATE ACCOUNT NOW.

Clicking on the button would obviously lead to a page wherein the user would be asked to enter his personal details-credit card number, payment information, account password etc.

Though there is no official information regarding the number of people who have received the phishing email, it’s evident that even those who don’t have a Netflix account are getting the mail. Netflix has stated that users should remain vigilant about protecting their personal info. Netflix has made it clear that security is a major concern for the company and proactive measures are taken to ensure the security of all members’ accounts. Still, such phishing scams targeting prominent companies are common and hence users need to be careful as well.

Netflix usually never asks users for personal information via email. Even if it happens, there would be a link to the company’s official website. Hence, the best approach would be to hover the cursor over the link to see the linked URL, which would be shown at the bottom of the browser.

Moreover, many people have pointed out that Netflix would never address a customer as “Hi Dear…”, which itself makes it evident that it’s a scam email.

Netflix users have been asked to do what all is needed to secure their personal information. This includes using a unique password, being wary of phishing scams, reporting suspicious activities, signing out of unused devices etc.

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