Hacker talked to Arizona man through his security camera

A real-estate agent in Arizona was stun when he heard a voice addressing him directly was coming from his Nest security camera.

Andy Gregg was in his backyard when he noticed that an unrecognizable is addressing him, at first he thought that someone had broken into his home.

However, the man speaking to him claimed that he was  “white hat hacker” in Canada.  He told him that his private information had been compromised

Gregg recorded the whole conversation with him. The hacker said that although he could not see images of him through the camera, it’s not very difficult to do so.

“I’m really sorry if I startled you or anything. I realize this is super unprofessional, and I’m sorry that it’s a little late in the day to do this,” audio recording of the interaction provided by Gregg to The Arizona Republic/azcentral.

“We don’t have any malicious intent, but I’m just here to kind of let you know so that no one else, like any black-hat hackers, follow,” the hacker can be heard saying on the recording. “There are so many malicious things somebody could do with this.”

According to Gregg, the hacker told him that some of his passwords and sensitive data had been compromised, to give proof the attacker revealed Gregg’s password that he used for many other websites.

Gregg said even though he changed his passwords and unplugged the camera, but still, he feels threatened.

“You basically feel very vulnerable,” Gregg said. “It feels like you’ve been robbed essentially and somebody’s in your house. They know when you’re there. They know when you’re leaving.”

Cybersecurity experts have issued several warnings and threats that come with wireless internet-connected devices whether it is Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smartphones and other smart appliances.

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