Vulnerabilities in High-Performance Computer Chips; Leading To Failures in Modern Electronics

Researchers from Washington State University found
vulnerabilities in the high performance computer chip. They found that the
on-chip communication system affects the lifetime of entire computer chip
shortening it fundamentally by purposely including the malignant workload.
Apple and Samsung are not far behind as they too have
been blamed for misusing the vulnerabilities in their very own hardware and
sending software updates that purposefully slow down the prior phone models to
urge customers to buy the new products.
Notwithstanding of the past researchers having
contemplated the computer chip parts, similar to the processors, the computer
memory and circuits for security vulnerabilities still the WSU research team
has discovered huge vulnerabilities in the modern communications backbone of
the high performance computer chips.
The communication systems are of extreme importance to
the high performance computers as they are thusly created to utilize an
expansive number of processors and in particular the parallel processing and
cloud computing.
Now so as to test the communications systems the
researchers have conceived three “cunningly built malicious” attacks.
They found that a predetermined number of pivotal vertical links of the communication
system were especially ‘vulnerable to fail’.
Pande, a researcher of Indian origin who alongside the
other researchers found the vulnerabilities in the first place says,
 “We determined how an agent can target the
communication system to start malfunctions in the chip.
The role of the communications and the threat
had not been clear to the research community before.”
specialists have now begun attempting to create different courses down the lines
of automated techniques and algorithms to moderate the issue and to attempt and
identify as well as thwart the attacks.

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