Google Wins a Dismissal of a Lawsuit over the Biometric Privacy Act

The world’s largest search engine had a lawsuit filed
against it by its users, allegedly stating that Google had violated the privacy
of its users by utilizing facial recognition software to examine their photos
without their consent.
U.S. District Judge Edmond E. Chang in Chicago dismissed it referring
to an absence of “concrete injuries” to the offended parties.
The original suit was known to have been documented in March
2016, a user sued Google for supposedly transferring their information to
Google Photos by means of using the facial recognition software and further
scanning it in order to create a template of their face without their permission,
all the while crossing paths with a unique Illinois law.
In spite of the fact that Google is the first among those
well-known who violated the law explicitly as Snapchat and Facebook also have
had faced lawsuits for the same ,  Google
emerges as the first to prevail upon a dismissal of a lawsuit over the
biometric security act.
Google’s triumph comes in the midst of open public backlash
against the U.S. technology goliaths over misusing of user information and
expanded the further examination of privacy policies.

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