Malware Attack Compromises Titan’s System and Steals Customer Data

Manufacturing and Distribution  Inc. and
its computer framework was reported to be compromised by a malware that too for
about a year around from November 23, 2017 until October 25, 2018 as per an IT
security expert.
Given the
fact that the company expressed that it doesn’t store customer data, the
malware installed in the company’s framework could have gained access to the
users’ shopping cart including their data, for example, the users’ full names,
billing addresses, contact numbers, payment card details, like the card
numbers, termination dates, as well as verification codes.
finding out about the episode, Titan advised its customers about the occurrence
and unveiled in a notice for the customers who have had purchased products from
its online stores between November 23, 2017 and October 25, 2018, that they
might have been influenced by the said incident.
Manufacturing and Distributing, Inc. (“Titan”) values your business and
recognizes the importance of the security of your information. For these
reasons, we are writing to let you know, as a precautionary measure, that Titan
has been the victim of a data security incident that may involve your
information,” the notice read.
Titan is now working intimately with a ‘third-party’ IT
security expert so as to research and investigate the incident carefully and is
all set to provide one-year complimentary identity theft protection for all
conceivably influenced customers.
By finding a way to upgrade their security framework and
moving its computer framework to another server, deleting and resetting all
authoritative login credentials the company has additionally asked for its users
to remain cautious by frequently monitoring their financial records for any
suspicious exercises and take immediate measures by reporting them.

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