OYO to share customers data with state government

Hospitality firm Oyo will soon start using a digital record system in the form of an app and will share customers arrivals and departures data with the state governments in India.

The company’s South East Asia CEO Aditya Ghosh announced it during a CII conference in Kolkata. He said: “At this point, we have seen acceptance from the state governments of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Telangana of our proposed digitization of guest entry and departure records. The digital arrival and departure register aim to maintain a real-time record of guest entries and update the respective governments on who’s checking in and checking out, when presented with an information order for an investigation, making this a more secure, efficient and transparent process as compared to the manual version.”

After this, the company has faced the flank of everyone as it is not sure whether they would share the data with authorities in real time or not. While some of the data security experts see it as a breach of privacy.

However, the company has clarified that they will only share details with authorities in case an information order is furnished. “We share any limited information only when required by law and only when we are duty-bound or permitted to disclose personal information through orders or directions of government/regulatory bodies, law enforcement officials and court orders etc.”

 OYO has already started using the digital register in Jaipur and its pilot projects are running in the other two states.

Meanwhile, the company is aiming to become the biggest player in the hospitality sector, currently, they are at number three.

“We will have one million rooms inventory into our fold in the near distant future. I think it should happen in a year and a half,” Ghosh said.

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