Google Maps to roll out speed limit and speed camera features

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars, it was expected the crowdsourced app’s speed limit and speed camera features would be integrated into Google Maps.

After five and a half years, it looks like Google Maps will finally get around to rolling out the speed-related information to its users.

The new features will display the speed limit on roads in the corner of the app, and will also introduce an icon to show when a speed camera is nearby for selected countries.

Google confirmed to ZDNet that the speed camera feature will be launched in Australia. The speed camera feature will also be rolled out in the UK, US, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia, while speed limits will be posted throughout the UK, US, and Denmark.

The new features were first spotted by Android Police last July in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro in a limited roll out. On Thursday, it was reported that the features had been widely rolled out via an update, popping up for Google Maps users across Los Angeles, Minnesota, and New York.

Google in October also rolled out a dedicated “commute” tab on Google Maps that offers live traffic updates and transit information in certain areas. It offers alternative routes when there are delays, and Android users will receive notifications about delays and disruptions on their route.

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