SAP NS2, Google Cloud Platform ink integration deal to target public sector

SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2), the independent US-based arm of SAP that sells software and services for national security and critical infrastructure customers, is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to target the public sector. The strategic partnership aims to bring advanced cloud and data capabilities to public sector businesses that must comply with FedRAMP data requirements.

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More specifically, the companies are integrating Google Cloud’s network infrastructure and machine learning capabilities with SAP’s in-memory database and SAP NS2’s secure cloud delivery services. The pitch is that workers in the public sector will be able to access real-time data insights and run mission-critical applications and analytics on Google’s cloud infrastructure, via one cloud service offering.

“Our alliance with Google Cloud provides our customers with the choice to leverage GCP’s rich network infrastructure and suite of operational capabilities for the public sector,” said Mark Testoni, president and chief executive officer of SAP NS2. “Our customers may now access the full power of SAP HANA to innovate in a secure cloud environment, further bolstered by Google Cloud’s world class security and operations capabilities.”

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SAP NS2 has a similar partnership with Amazon Web Services. The companies announced a collaboration last June that combined SAP’s Secure HANA Cloud and AWS’ GovCloud. The effort allows SAP NS2 customers to select AWS GovCloud and transition workloads to the cloud while remaining in compliance with ITAR, DoD SRG and FedRAMP data requirements.

Google and SAP have had a cloud technology partnership since 2017.

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