Google’s Research App- ‘Screenwise Meter’ To Encroach Apple’s Policies?

a research application was being run by Google, which could potentially violate
Apple’s policies, the same way Facebook once did.

“Screenwise Meter” is the name of the infamous application,
so being mentioned.
It’s an invitation-only program which works on collecting
data and its monitoring onto phones and in return guarantees gift cards.
The application uses an “Enterprise Certificate”, named “Sideload”
which was revoked from Facebook.
Due to this revocation, a lot of havoc was wreaked within
the ‘employee-only’ apps of Facebook on iPhones.
After what happened with Facebook, there were likewise
chances of Google’s certificate being revoked by Apple too.
But before that could happen, Google, shut its ‘Screenwise
Meter’ down and apologized for putting the application into Apple’s Enterprise
Program in the first place.
The application was always meant to be voluntary, cited one
of the spokespersons of Google, and also that it has now been entirely disabled
on all the iOS devices.

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