Websites Including Ixigo Hacked, Leaving 127 Million Accounts Exposed For Sale

Over 127 million accounts were broken into from around 8 separate
websites. This is the doing of a hacker who’d stolen records of 620 million
people before.
The travel booking site “Ixigo” seems to be one of the major
victims from which records were stolen.
Allegedly, these infamous records include the users’ names,
email addresses, passwords and other personal details.
According to a research, 18 million user records were
wrested from Ixigo and around 40 million were stolen from YouNow which is a
live-video streaming site.
1.8 million accounts were wrested from and 57 million
records were snatched off from Houzz.
Hakcer’s listings showed that an antiquated “MD5” hashing
algorithm was applied to “scramble” passwords which are otherwise easy to “unscramble”.
It was claimed by the hacker themselves that they had user
records from mainstream sites like MyFitnessPal and Animoto with declaring
number of records to be 151 million and 25 million respectively.
Bitcoin currency of $20,000 could
now be used in exchange for databases which make life easier for hackers, from
the Dream Market cyber-souk in the Tor network.
The price is pretty hacker-pocket
friendly. The major target audience for the deal seem to be spammers and
credential stuffers.
These credentials could further
be used to hack into other sites and wrest other user details.

The victimized websites have
started alerting their users about the hazard and it would only be fit for the
users to stay vigilant about it all.

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