100,000 Most Hack-able Passwords and Tips to Steer Clear of Them!

Keeping a password is an essential requirement and it stands
a high stand in keeping a person’s private life, Private.
The need emerges from the necessity of keeping your stuff
(any sort) locked away from people who don’t need to see it and from people who
got no business of seeing it.
Hence, looking and raking for that almost perfect password
is super necessary. Especially with all these hackers and cyber-cons always
round the corner.
One thing to always keep in mind is that if a password is even
mildly easy for a user to keep in mind, it is super easy for a hacker to hack.
Per the UK’s Cyber Security Center Breach analysis, the
password, “123456 was found to be used 23 million times
during breaches.
That password was followed by a “12345678 in the list,
which was found to be used around 7 million times in the breaches.
The most horrendously obvious password used are, “123456” and “password”.
Other passwords on the list were, “ashley”, “michael”, “qwerty” and “1111111”.
The following is the link to the top 100,000 most hack-able

A strong password should have at least six
characters which include a combination of upper cases, lower cases, symbols and
2.  If your
passwords happen to match with the ones in the list change them as soon as
3.  The
very first step to take could be thinking of difficult to guess passwords by
combining memorable plus random words.
4.  The more
creative the password the safer the account it protects.
5.  Complexity
is a must.
6.  Enforce
strong password policy on every account possible.
Check the password regularly and use 2FA (Factor
Authentication) for major sites, accounts especially emails etc.
8.  All the
passwords should be unique for all the different sites and accounts.
9.  All the
default passwords must be changed because the IT department always has a list.
Other ways of protecting include using a password manager
for less important websites and accounts.

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