Final Fantasy XI — A Nostalgic Experience With Real Life Earning Opportunity

Battle Royale is the most popular gaming sensation at the moment but more than a decade back when quad processors were in an experimental phase and 4k wasn’t even proposed, games like Minecraft and Final Fantasy XI were the real deal. Even in today’s time it’s quite popular and is being played. Though the PS2 and Xbox servers were shut down a couple of years back, that never stopped players to enjoy it on Windows. This game was once the epitome of the gaming industry, an idea never seen before and a technology never used before.

Final Fantasy XI is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. It was released back on May 16, 2002, and it has got a rating of 9 out of 10 on Steam. This game still requires a monthly subscription of $12.95. Only, is it worth spending money on it?

Well, yeah the pixel-rich games do get more points for visibly appealing and providing lifelike textures and gaming environment, all thanks to the advancing engines, and still many fail to impress players on large scale. Some get forgotten weeks after release while others lose player like Coyote falling off the ridge chasing the roadrunner (meep meep).

In case of FF XI, the player base is still there. Of course, the number may not be that impressive, it nonetheless is running for those love something nostalgic and perpetual. And according to those players, it’s worth spending $12.99 each month. Final Fantasy XI keeps on adding new content constantly, this makes the game seemed never-ending, that’s what makes the players go back to playing the game again and again.

Final Fantasy XI provides fresh and unexpected contents to its players no doubt, and that can only be enjoyed if you discover it yourself, taking help from senior players in the server or even reading guides or walkthroughs from the Internet will make the game uninteresting for you, because you won’t get the feeling of satisfaction when you to figure out the mysteries from some other source. Another great facet of this game is socializing. Multiplayer and Battle Royale game do provide an opportunity to talk with other fellow players globally. YOu face some really nice ones and some rude as well along the way. However, many FF XI players said that other in-game players are very friendly in the global chat, thus opening a good opportunity for you to socialize with them, know their culture or talk about anything you wish and make some cool friends. No one is judging there.

Hundreds of quests are waiting to be completed, from finding awesome and unique items to fetching or retrieving quests or visit different areas in the world. Missions, on the other hand, are one of the cooler aspects of Final Fantasy XI. The missions are linked to the storyline that you can take part in for your kingdom (each kingdom has its own storyline). There are times the mission will allow all kingdoms to work together to complete a high-leveled mission. You aren’t allowed to play solo at all times, many starter missions require you to group with others in order to complete them.

Some missions are very challenging to complete such as slaying a dragon which has a big risk of dying. You can’t go in a mission without good preparation because of the risk of death. When you died, you lost a lot of experience and items, it might be frustrating for some players, but this makes the players think twice before engaging in combat he or she wasn’t prepared for.

The game might feel a little according to today’s stature but once you gain a few levels, it starts getting more interesting. You can unlock the subjob system which allows you to take multiple jobs at once but subjobs missions only grant you half the experience of the main jobs. After you reached level 20, you can change your main job example from a mage to a fighter but changing jobs doesn’t make you lose any levels.

By playing Final Fantasy XI, players can actually earn real money, just by selling in-game items through online platforms that are out in the cyber world. It is a next-generation market for in-game items and it is available for quite a lot of games. Some genuine platforms provide 100% trading protection, accurate delivery-time tracking, 24/7 live support, and automated selection of best offers.

Final Fantasy XI is definitely a great game, you can increase the resolution from 640×480 to 1280×1024 to make the skills and spells animations more appealing to the eyes. Combined with a lot of quests to keep you from getting bored, this is a game that is truly recommended for you to try.

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