Management of Resources and Gaming Tokens Outside the Game

…How the World will see Blockchain Gaming in 6 months.

Blockchain games have changed their basic approach of “collect and sell” and moved towards uniqueness and complicity as player retention is no longer possible without innovations. At this point it is fair to say that blockchain gaming already has its own distinct history so now we can elaborate on the hype buildup which started just over a year ago, at the beginning of 2018. Blockchain gaming burst onto the scene in a time of curiosity and novelty, and as a result, many amateurs joined the fray. The earliest stages featured a lot of projects similar to what we see now with all the pre-sales and airdrops of confusing alpha and beta version of cryptogames. Then it sort of fizzled out as the bear market was eager to strengthen its position. Some cryptogames like Parsec Frontiers and Lordmancer II were extremely ambitious but ended up completely running out of funds and unable to continue development. Some happened to be dressed up scams the names of which you can easily google, but let’s just not focus on these ones since they are pathetic and not really worth our time. What we see now is a strong and competitive market where every blockchain game artfully fights for a player attention and is deeply committed to quality. The industry has finally stabilized and in some ways detoxed from immature figures which cast doubt on decentralized gaming in general.

The unique thing about cryptogames is that there is no such thing as strict compliance with one specific genre. Blockchain games learned how to make the best out of everything so the industry is fairly eclectic in its composition. The crypto component brought a bit of gamble and rush to all of them, plus, thanks to smart contracts, gaming has been able to establish itself as a decent and secure way to make money while spending leisure time. Modern mid-core strategies have also influenced decentralized gaming. Thus, Blockchain Cuties Universe, a multi-blockchain game based on TRON, Ethereum and EOS, in the process of developing its battles and tactics in a similar way to that of the Rise of Kingdoms and Vikings: War Of Clans — mobile games.

Management of Resources

All experienced gamers of the centralized world can finally place their hopes in the improved cryptogaming of 2019 which is set to be a year of stable development. Well, truth be told, not only the game-addicted should be excited, but all those who are searching for entertaining but still meaningful ways to interact with crypto.

For example, TRON Arcade is still working to bring new strong competitors into the ring. Because of Tron’s ongoing efforts, the Blockchain Cuties Universe became the first cryptocollectible game on TRON at the end of December 2018. Now the Blockchain Cuties Universe team is working on a brand new concept where players will own their personal lands, found in-game governments and decide the fate of the Cuties Universe. The result of Blockchain Cuties Universe’s hard work will soon be presented to the crypto world. And even in this case, you can still draw an analogy between real-world and decentralized gaming. For example, Forge of Empires, which is a cross-platform game where you get to build your own city and customize it, is also using the similar mechanics the aforementioned cryptogame plans to.

Finally, the issue of gameplay in blockchain games is being dealt with. If before it was common to say that cryptogames are engaging but not necessarily fun (especially because of their lack of high quality graphics) then now this argument ceases to become valid. Rapid progress can be seen in the in-game management of resources as well. There are a plethora of in-game activities planned to be structured around resources. Examples of some of these game resources include:

  • Player owned lands.
  • Game score which is reflected in many ways like a list of top players or number of complete adventures and more.
  • Clans and alliances.
  • Characters aka digital assets in cryptogames.
  • In-game fungible tokens that serve as hard currency.
  • etc.

The skillful management of resources under such rules allows players to influence the crypto game.

Why do blockchain games start to issue gaming tokens?

Land mechanics in blockchain gaming consisting of in-game territories and governments demand a special approach which couldn’t be provided by previously existing cryptocurrencies. This is true firstly due to personal gaming tokens having real value. Each token is a commitment backed by a real product which is the cryptogame itself. After the explosion of many different ICOs, investors are looking for projects with some decent background behind them, which can also prove their worth. The retail investors can be applied to people who don’t necessarily have millions in crypto assets. It’s just basically people buying proprietary tokens of cryptogames. This way they help to develop the Dapp and finance some important changes.

On the 27th of April, 2019 Blockchain Cuties Universe launched on exchange a gaming token called CUTE. Players say that they treat it as an art currency while the main purpose of it is still a work in progress. The CEO of Blockchain Cuties Universe Vlad Tomko said that they are creating a voting system where every player with more than 3% of land ownership can vote for the next king or queen of one of the factions of the Cutieland. Lands will be soon available for purchase. Now CUTE is listed on HitBTC — one of the premier crypto exchanges on the planet, offering traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms.

You rule

Gaming tokens also serve as an advanced mass adoption tool since they provide people with an entry point. Users of exchanges like HitBTC can discover a game by noticing its token rising in a trading pair like CUTE/ETH, CUTE/TRX, etc. and give it a try. Reinforced tokens are stronger due to many reasons. The main one is the direct correlation between the quality of the project they present and the frequency of their purchase.

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