Top 7 Cap Table Management Software Programs to Try in 2019

Not finding your Excel sheet comfortable to work on for creating a capitalization table? Or are you just a new entrepreneur searching for the best way to maintain your cap table? Well, regardless of the reason, you should know that the cap table management software is the only thing that can help you out. (Using an Excel sheet will not help you, and will only cause you many complications in the future.)

For those who feel that you can do without a cap table, you are wrong. A cap table is important for you to raise funding, issue shares and stay compliant to the laws related to it. Without a cap table, you would make bad decisions, lose your company and even your credibility. And a company without credibility is nothing in the business world.

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Before I can help you learn all about the best cap table management software that you can choose from, here are some reasons why you should be having a cap table and why is the cap table management software important:

  • A cap table is needed to avoid any complexities in the future while you work towards making a smart decision and negotiating your funding deals.
  • Even after you keep a record, maybe in the notebook or so, you would find yourself making a lot of mistakes as your company grows. With the cap table management software, you would be ahead of everything where you can understand all about your company through the cap table and make the right decision.
  • If your company is just a small one, you might not need a cap table. But as the company grows and people are added as shareholders, you would need the cap table to see who owns what so that you can track all in the company.
  • When you are about to raise a funding round, the investor you are dealing with would ask for your cap table. If you have a smart cap table ready to show the investors, it would give them a sense of credibility and your deal would be passed easily. On the contrary, without a cap table, you would lose the deal or be asked to create a cap table first. And creating a cap table from scratch and years from when the company was created would be an impossible task.
  • Without the cap table, you would not be able to stay compliant with the rules that are related to the equity laws in your country. On the other hand, using the cap table management software can assist you in letting you know when you are supposed to pay a tax and why. It would help you stay compliant so that you do not fall in trouble with the IRS.

Get One of The Cap Table Management Softwares

Now that you are clear about the reasons why you should have one of the cap table management software for your company, it is time to choose the right application from a market full of them that would be the most suitable one for you and your company.

Below shared are the names of some of the best cap table management software’s that are in the market:

#1 CapShare

This is an application that has been impressing a lot of investors and entrepreneurs for a while now. CapShare is an outstanding application that would assist you to issue the stocks in your company all online. But that it is not all; it would help you to manage the equity all in one place so that you do not have to waste your precious time on it. Instead, you can use your time in other important tasks that might help your company grow better.

With CapShare, you can now say “goodbye” to the endless paperwork and the hectic task of filling out the complicated spreadsheet that just confuses you more. In fact, CapShare is an application that is trusted by thousands of companies, investors, and lawyers as it makes all the complicated work easier for you. Check out the CapShare application here to get it today!

#2 Eqvista

One of the best cap table management software right now in the market is Eqvista and there are many reasons as to why it makes the top of the list. The very first reasons are that it helps every entrepreneur realize their dream by offering them with the overall company incorporation services, share management services, and valuation services all in one place. In fact, the application is FREE to use allowing anyone to even give it a try without wasting money on any other application.

With Eqvista, you can easily manage your cap table, company shares, and valuations easily, and much more effectively than ever. Moreover, the application is so easy to use that all you need to do is add in the details by following the simple steps and your cap table would be ready in no time. You can also share the cap table with the other members. And as you share the cap table, you can control their access level to the information of your company keeping all the data secure. This also means that with every update that you make in the cap table, it would be done it real time allowing all the others to see it as well.

Eqvista is a great application for all small and companies. It would help you with the various compliance rules that you would need to follow as well. In short, you would not fall in trouble with the IRS over not paying a tax or breaking a rule as per your country. The application would help you stay ahead of everything. Moreover, you would also be able to save a lot of time with this application and focus your precious time on things that would help your company grow.

It is the Application of this Decade, and since it is FREE of cost, you have got nothing to lose. Try out this application now before you end up wasting money and regret using any other application!

#3 Carta

Carta is another one of the cap table management software that makes the list. Its objective is to assist the investors, public companies as well as private companies in managing their investments, valuations, cap tables, and equity plans in just one place. Trusted by thousands of investors and companies, it has changed how any employee, investor, or company manages their ownership and equity.

In short, with Carta, you would have your cap table always up to date, the liquidity offering would be simple, all your shareholders would know what they own, and the valuations are fast and audit-ready. As of now, Carta has just started and has about 600K shareholders tracking their equity through Carta.

#4 Gust

Gust is also one of the cap table management software that is also popular amongst many entrepreneurs and investors. It helps you in starting your company and also in managing your shares as well as all the legal aspects of it in one place. Not only would this application help your dream come to life, it would also help you in growing it to make it one of the best dreams you ever had.

In fact, there are about 80K investment professionals as well as 650K founders who are using this platform and finding it perfect for their business. The subscription costs are reasonable and the application would help you in maintaining all your company equity needs properly.

#5 Solium

Solium started as a sketch on a napkin and has become one of the top cap table management software that many companies trusts. It has helped to simplify the various complexities of all the equity plans and management techniques. With Solium, you can easily control everything about your equity plan, engage your employees, make much better and informed decisions, and collaborate with your teams efficiently.

As a matter of fact, the Shareworks software platform of Solium is a wholly integrated cloud-based solution that would help make your equity plan management better than ever.

#6 TruEquity

Another great one of the cap table management software is TruEquity. It is basically a complete solution for every private company that is looking for a better ownership management technique. With TruEquity, you would be able to handle everything about the shares of your company from the inception of your company to the exit.

In short, TruEquity would always help you stay up to date, complete, and accurate with your ownership data. It would assist you in having much more clarity in the view of how your company’s future liquidation and financings would be and if it happened how it would affect your company. One of the best thing about this tool is that it is easy to use and is a cloud-based one.


Other than the ones mentioned above, is also another one of the cap table management software that is popular in the market. It aims at enabling an easy cap table creation, sharing & collaboration, great round & exit modeling, powerful stock plan management, and fast 409A valuations. In short, with, you would easily be able to model and manage the capitalization structure of your startup. The application would help you with easy creation of your cap table as it guides you through the process.

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