Facebook Publishes Its Latest “Enforcement Report”; Removes More Than Three Billion Fake Accounts and Seven Million “Hate Speech” Posts

Facebook has sought to expel more than three billion fake
accounts alongside more than approximately seven million “hate
speech” posts as it distributed its most recent “enforcement
report”, which subtleties what number of posts and records it made a move on
between October 2018 and March 2019.
The Social Networking company’s Chief Executive Zuckerberg
clarifies when he hit back against various calls to break Facebook, “I don’t
think that the remedy of breaking up the company is going to address [the problem],”
he said.
He displayed his contention defending Facebook’s size made
it conceivable to protect against the network’s problems.
While move was made on more than one million posts selling
weapons in the sixth month time frame covered by the report. The social network
will now also report what numbers of posts were evacuated for selling
“regulated goods”, for example, drugs and guns.
For certain sorts of content, like child sex abuse imagery, violence
and terrorist propaganda, the report evaluates how frequently such a content
was ‘actually seen’ by individuals on Facebook.
For the first time though, the report reveals that between
January and March 2019 more than one million appeals were made after posts were
erased for “hate speech”. Also, moreover around 150,000 posts that
were found not to have broken the hate speech policy were re – established amid
that period.
Facebook said the report featured, “areas where we
could be more open in order to build more accountability and responsiveness to
the people who use our platform”.
Zuckerberg however assured any doubts the reporters might
have saying that, “The success of the company has allowed us to fund these
efforts at a massive level. I think the amount of our budget that goes toward
our safety systems…”

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