Social Engineering forum hacked, data shared online

A website that deals with topics of social engineering has been hacked about two week ago, and tens of thousands of data have been leaked and sold online. 

The owner of the shared a post in which he admitted that the website had been breached via a security flaw in the  MyBB software.

The hacked database contains personal information of more than  55,121 users which includes their usernames, passwords, email addresses, IP addresses, and private messages.

The database is available on multiple number of websites from where hackers could get access to them. 

However, there is no clarity how much data the hackers were able to retrieve, but it appears that they got hold on more than this data. 

One of the rival forum informed that the leak also includes  the website source code, data, and activity.

SocialEngineered website moved to another platform XenForo forum to avoid a similar incident in the future. 

The company advised its users to immediately change the login passwords. 

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