The Easiest Ways to Collect Customer Reviews for Your Website

Customer feedback is a great way to understand how your customer feels about you. However, finding out what your customers have to say about your business is a hard thing to get. Luckily, there are several ways you can gather customer reviews for your website.

Oh, by the way, do you understand how reviews influence markets? I didn’t know either until I read it here.

So without further Ado, let’s begin.

Collect Customer Feedback Using Customer Surveys

One of the commendable ways how business owners gather customer reviews is by publishing a customer survey on their website. It is a great way as it enables them to quickly collect feedback from their customers and learn what they want as a solution from you.

It’s not necessary that you make the survey a part of your website design or risk your landing page aesthetics on it. You can even add a quick pop up to your website for users to click. Irrespective of wherever you choose to place the survey, make sure your customers see it.

Keep all questions within your survey short and concise but make sure they are all relevant.

Add a Feedback Button to Your Website

Managing negative reviews on your website is a really bad idea. It’s why most business owners don’t choose the option of gathering reviews from customers. What they fail to realize is that by gathering reviews they can optimize their product to fit customer needs.

Some websites gather customer reviews by adding a feedback button to their website. With just a click of a button, your customer can access the review form and then answer a bunch of questions to gather feedback from your customers. Just a simple question such as,

“What do you think about our product” or “How was your experience on our website” or “do you think we should change something”

Will definitely help you a lot. Ask them for a photograph as well as a short bio of themselves.

If you get positive ones a lot, publish some of them as testimonials on your website.

Add a Live Chat Feature to Your Website

One of the most remarkable ways to gather customer feedback is through Live Chat support. You can actually start interacting with your customers from the moment they took an interest in your product. As they say, strike the metal when its hot and commendable Live Chat support allows you to exactly do that.

Live Chat is a very convenient tool to connect with your customers. If they are looking for information, then you can definitely provide them. You can help solve a problem and in return ask them to leave feedbacks with you. If there is anything good coming out of it, why not use it to popularize yourself in the market.

Unlike others, don’t just leave them an automated response to rate the chat, leave them a link to your website and ask them to review it.

Incentivize Reviews (Doesn’t Sound Like a Bad Option)

What if visitors are coming to your website just to read more about the product and suddenly, they are asked to review your website and win cash back through lucky draw.

Really?! Who wouldn’t want to take some time out and review your website now!

Imagine you visit a website and after a few seconds a pop up appears on the website saying:

“Tell us how you feel about our website and win $80!”

Now, why wouldn’t you click on that review option and go forward with submitting it online?

I am sure a little contest such as this will hardly take a couple of minutes off your customer’s clock and in the wake of winning $80 many of them will eventually end up clicking the link.

It’s not necessary that you only giveaway cash prizes. You can even offer them a free e-book which is available at a certain price on the Internet for every review they provide on the site.

Request Reviews in Your Emails & NewsLetters

Majority of the audience using email and newsletter subscriptions are people who desire to experience more than what you are offering on your website. Apparently, they are seeking to gain some more knowledge on your business and they are the ones you should aim for reviews.

One way is to send them a link in emails and newsletters so they can provide you necessary feedback. By telling them that you appreciate their effort on taking out time to review their product can be a good start. Show them that you care about their opinion by making the changes they suggest and you will be surprised at how amazingly they return back more often.

Here is an interesting infographic that can help you understand the potency of email marketing better than anyone else on the Internet.


In the End

Every organization willing to grow requires effective feedback from its customers. It doesn’t really matter whether these feedbacks are positive ones or negative ones. As long as these reviews are coming in, it will help you add value to your product. A good digital marketing agency will always understand the pain-points of its customers and address them to fill potential gaps.

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