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If you own a business, or dream of one day owning your own business, it’s crucial that you know the basic coding languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What’s the worst that will happen if you don’t?

Here are 5 ways business owners waste money not knowing how to code:

1. You have to rely on your developer for everything

“Hey Tom, can I see the text in Red?” “Yellow?” “Green?” “Honey Bear Blue?” If you knew just a little bit of code you might be able to make some basic updates with HTML or CSS (it’s not that difficult).

Every manager should at least know the basics of using Chrome’s DevTools (it’s a tool that will save you and your developer a lot of back-and-forth time on revisions). How long does it take to learn the basics of HTML & CSS? Everything I’m showing you here you should be able to learn within the first 5 hours (or so) when you learn HTML & CSS. Here’s a free HTML & CSS course that can get you started today!

2. You hire the wrong people

Enough said.

3. You chose the wrong language for your project


Which language should we choose for our project?

If you don’t know the basics of coding, they all look the same. Unfortunately, if you start coding a project in Ruby and then, months later, want to change it to Python you’re going to be stuck rewriting all of the code. That’s inconvenient and expensive. It helps to know the basics of Ruby vs. Python, HTML vs. CSS, and front-end and Backend. Being able to choose the right programming language is important for entrepreneurs and managers.

4. It takes 25 minutes to understand basic coding concepts

What you might not know is that there are 10 coding concepts that are the same in every programming language. The four most common concepts are variables, comments, conditionals, and functions. If you understand these 10 concepts in Python, then you can easily read and write similar code in Ruby, JavaScript, Java, or PHP.

Otherwise, without this basic vocabulary that all developers share, you’ll easily get sidetracked trying to keep up with the most basic coding concepts.

In my Programming for Non-Programmers course, I break each of these concepts down so that entrepreneurs and manager can speak more confidently about programming.

5. You can’t properly estimate a project

In programming, it can be hard to explain the difference between the easy, and the virtually impossible. Knowing how to code makes that easier, and will save you money.

During my career, I’ve watched business owners, and managers waste thousands of dollars due to poor technology decisions and mismanaged communication between the dev team and the rest of the organization. Learning to code helps entrepreneurs be better managers. It also makes you look more attractive (…as a hire…). Now go get ’em!

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