Apple Series 4 Watches- Primary Focus on Health; A Bridge between Users and Doctors!

Last year apple made a gigantic announcement for its “Watch
Fanatics”. That’s right, the Series 4 which is bulked with heart monitoring,
ECG and fall detection for a richer doctor-patient relationship.
Apple’s VP of Health , Dr. Sumbul Desai voiced that the
latest products are being designed in regard with the “partnership with your
As it happens, before associating with Apple, Dr. Desai was
the vice-chair of strategy and innovation for the department of medicine at
Stanford Medical.
According to her there is something “sacred and special”
about the doctor-patient dynamic and if ways could be found to make it better
they should be thought upon.
The Apple watches will make it all the easier for doctors as
well as patients to focus more on counselling than collecting data and doing
The Apple watch would help capture the data and then give it
to the physician in “a meaningful way”. This will help the sessions be more

Apple, with the announcement of Series 4 and related health
features is certainly looking forward to expanding its hold in the health
Apple is all about, according to Dr. Desai, empowering
consumers and guiding them towards a better understanding of health.
The Apple Watch is a device that will help you stay
connected and aid you to be healthier and fit especially with the newly introduced
activity trends in watch OS 6.
The other features of the excitingly fantastic compact
device include the noise app, cycle tracking and heart features.
Per Dr. Desai, wearing the Apple watch every day will help
the users lead a healthier and more conscious life as it’s a powerful way to
keep on the track of health.
Evidence and science based methods are being employed to
develop the aforementioned features and study how the information is surfaced individuals.
Apple conducted a heart study in collaboration with Stanford
medicine which covered over 400,000 patients to contemplate whether the watch’s
heart-rate sensor could detect irregular rhythms.
The heart study happened to be an example of a new data type
and its relation with the clinical medicine. Also it reflected upon the
creation of scientific evidence based on these new data.
Apple is known for the way it keeps the data all safe and
secure always keeping in mind the importance of the users’ control over the decisions
of how to share it and whom to share with.
And now it is going to be pretty prominent in the field of
health because at Apple they consider it to be their responsibility.

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