Indian Govt. Takes Steps For Preventing Incidents of Cyber Crimes; Improving Cyber Safety in the Country

With the ascent of phishing attacks being at its prime, Mr
Ravi Shankar Prasad stresses at the government’s contribution in finding a way
to avoid more and more episodes of cyber security and improving the cyber
safety in the nation.
The current Union Minister holding the Law and Justice and
Electronics and Information Technology portfolios in the Govt. of India took to
the Lok Sabha this issue and tended to it with most extreme consideration.
He wrote, “With the innovation of technology and rise in
usage of cyber space, cyber-attacks such as phishing and identity theft are
observed. Such phishing attacks are global phenomena which target users to
trick them to divulge information such as online credentials.”
According to the data accessible with Indian Computer
Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), more than 260 phishing incidents were seen
in the initial five months of 2019.
With the parliament informed on Wednesday , 26th June , the
report was reviewed and it was observed that around 552 phishing incidents were
observed during the year 2017, while in 2018, the number stood at 454, and in
2019 (till May) it was 268.

“CERT-In is working in coordination with Reserve Bank
of India (RBI) and banks to track and disable phishing websites,” Prasad said
including that CERT-In issues cautions and warnings in regards to most recent
cyber threats and counter-measures on a regular basis to guarantee the safe
utilization of digital technologies.

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