Censorship Drives Stardom – Hacker Noon

How Stars Are Born — A Case Study in Andrew Yang’s Rise to Stardom

Step 0: Rising Star Breaks Through the Difference Threshhold

Yang gets a Laugh + Applause Break while answering a question on why White Nationalists support him. (Jump to 4:38)
There isn’t another candidate in the race that laughs as much as Andrew Yang does.

Step 1: Rising Star Endorsed by Tribe Leaders

Step 2: Initial Censorship of Rising Star

Step 3: Escalating Censorship of Rising Star

Step 4: Tribe Defends Censored Rising Star Thereby Creating A Hero

Step 5: Rising Star Turned Hero Becomes Best-Selling Author 😜

0:32 “I figured out how to monetize SJWs. (Don’t hate the player, hate the game)

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