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With the emergence of initial exchange offerings, several IEO marketing services are popping up around the world. However, not many of them end up delivering the results they promise.

So how do the best startups cut through the clutter and find the right and suitable IEO marketing firm? This list presents some of the best IEO marketing service firms based on their strengths, and, their past accomplishments.

Initial Exchange Offering: What is it?

Initial exchange offering (IEO), if it is your first time coming to the term, is a new financing model that allows blockchain startups to raise funds directly on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is strikingly similar to the ICO crowdfunding model except that, in IEO, the exchange facilitates the token sale rather than the startup doing it themselves. With IEO, the exchange provides a platform where you can conduct your token sale. They also provide a guaranteed listing on the exchange after the sale concludes.

What constitutes IEO marketing service?

IEO marketing services usually cover a broad range of tasks, including legal and technology support, marketing and community engagement as well as fundraising and listing of your project. While some IEO marketing firms cover all of these areas, some focus specifically in certain areas. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your marketing agency, particularly in the early stages, regarding what functions they handle to ensure successful crowdsale.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top IEO marketing firms in the cryptocurrency space today. It’s worth noting that the list below in the strict sense is not a ranking — it just a list.

#1 TokenMinds

TokenMinds is a crypto marketing firm specialized in IEO marketing/fundraising and exchange listing. They are one of the leading crypto advisory and marketing firms with a longstanding presence within the crypto community, having been around since the early crypto boom of 2016. In terms of cryptocurrency marketing and fundraising, TokenMinds is hard to beat. They have incredibly a strong network of investors and media connections as well as a team of marketing experts who can bring remarkable success to any project’s IEO strategy.

They differ from other IEO marketing services in that they have a specific partnership deal with top crypto exchanges set-up to help blockchain projects get listed on exchanges. When it comes to IEO marketing, TokenMinds is clearly one of the best. Their services cover every aspect of the IEO process from whitepaper creation & token preparation to IEO listing & token sale. Take a quick look at their portfolio to determine whether or not they’re the right fit for your project.

#2 Chaineum

Chaineum is also one of the early entrants to the crypto advisory industry. However, IEO marketing services are just one part of their core business, which also includes a tokenization platform, asset management, and digital asset exchange services.

They have worked with a huge number of big name clients including Microsoft’s Azure, Hyperledger, Stellar, among others. The company was founded by former bankers which means that they take the traditional finance approach when marketing IEO projects.

#3 X10 Agency

X10 Agency is another impressive IEO marketing service provider. Through their marketing experience and growth hacking expertise, they have been able to achieve remarkable success in the Asian market. Notably, they helped Faceter raise over $28 million through STO. Some of their IEO services include IEO advisory, PR and influencer marketing. X10 Agency is, therefore, another crypto marketing firm capable of assisting startups in achieving their token sale obligations.

#4 Priority Token

Priority Token is another ICO marketing firm that has received recognition as one of the best in the business. They have helped their clients raised over $200 million so far. In the last couple of months, Priority Token has expanded to offer STO and IEO marketing service as well. In terms of IEO advisory, they provide exchange listing, token launch, and marketing services. However, one the reason’s that Priority Token has become so popular is that they focus on raising funds among accredited investors.

#5 Platinum Fund

Platinum Fund are best known for their listing services. Platinum Funds has an absolutely massive team with over 112+ members across various fields. In addition, they have partner relationships with 92 exchanges, which allows them to recommend projects for IEO to exchanges. This makes Platinum Fund highly ideal for IEO projects. Their packaged deal covers every aspect of IEO process from preparation and smart contract to listing and marketing.

#6 Crypterius

Crypterius is another big name in the IEO marketing service space. They have worked with quality blockchain projects making them well known in the industry. Crypterius specializes in all aspects of IEO marketing ranging from whitepaper and website creation to community management and fundraising. If you think you’ve got a great project, Crypterius is another company that can help you from the very beginning to the very end of your IEO.


IEO presents a wonderful opportunity for startups to raise funds transparently, securely and quickly. To capture this opportunity, should engage the right IEO marketing company to assist with token preparation, listing, and marketing. Above all, the expertise and strong investor and media connections of cryptocurrency marketing firm can give you entry to deeper funding pools and broader brand awareness.

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