HDFC Bank Issues Warning Against a New Online Scam: Here’s What you Should Know!

HDFC Bank has sent out a warning to its online banking users
about a scam carried out by an app known as AnyDesk which is used by hackers
for stealing money through unified payments interface (UPI). The main objective
of the scam is to acquire unauthorized access to a victim’s mobile and carry out illegal
transactions without any knowledge of the account holder.

In February, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), said, ‘AnyDesk’
have the ability to acquire complete access to users mobile devices which is
exploited by hackers to steal their money via making transactions remotely.
AnyDesk is a remote device control app which allows the remote controlling of

Bewaring the customers, the bank has issued an official
mailer concerning the matter and further warned its users that hackers attempt
to access their account related confidential information such as OTP, PIN,
expiry date, debit card details, and other sensitive data which is required for the purpose of authentication during transactions.

To ensure the safety of its users, HDFC Bank advised them
against sharing their confidential data with anonymous callers and in order to
keep their bank balance fortified, they should avoid downloading any apps onto
their smartphones.

Commenting on the matter, the bank said, “Beware!
Fraudsters may ask you to download AnyDesk App and share a 9-digit code which
gets them access to your phone to steal money. Do not share your card details /
OTP / PIN with anyone and report any unusual activity immediately to the bank.”

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