CDSCO Warns Users and Providers against Potentially Hack-able Insulin Pumps!

The wireless communication between
Medtronic’s Minimed insulin pumps and
other remote controlled related devices like blood glucose meters. These have a
high risk of being hacked.
Central Drug Standard Control Organization
(CDSCO), the apex drug regulator issued an alert about a few of Medtronic PLC’s
insulin pumps being hack-able
response to
US FDA flagging
the theme.

No complaints of the sort have been
received so far from the market, but nonetheless it happens to be an essential
issue that needs looking into and hence CDSCO alerted the medical professionals.

Due to the aforementioned alleged
cyber-security issues, (nevertheless potential in nature) few of the insulin
pumps from the Medtronic Minimed have been recalled.
The US drug regulator recommends
people to swap their insulin pumps for different models due to the potential
risks related with the communication between these pumps and other devices like
glucose meters and CareLink USB device used with them.

An insulin pump is a medical device
specifically designed to help  diabetics control
their glucose levels. The device pumps insulin in the user’s body in continuous
Every insulin pump from Medtronic’s
Minimed has a serial number which according to CDSCO should never be shared.
Per the CDSCO’s alert, the insulin
pumps which are susceptible to potential hacking, namely are, MiniMed Paradigm
715, 712, 722 and 754 with software versions 2.6A or lower.
According to sources, Medtronic is
pre-emptive about informing the users, regulators and medical professionals
about the potential cyber-hazards of the insulin pumps.
They are also readily working with
researchers to aid the patients, users, doctors and stakeholders, find answers
to any questions they may have.
Medtronic alluded to it that with the
evolution of technology will “continue to collaborate with industry researchers
and regulators and develop high quality therapies that will positively impact
The company also remarked that over
the years many models of these insulin pumps have been launched where their quality
has been focused upon with utmost seriousness and concern.

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