Why Coding Interviews Still Suck

An Interviewer’s Perspective

You’re nervous. The phone interview is about to start. This could be your one chance to get the job you’ve wanted — at least until next year. It all comes down to this — 45 minutes of proving your problem solving and coding skills.

Suddenly the phone rings.

You pick up and feel your heart beating. After some quick pleasantries, the interviewer pastes the first question into your shared coding environment, and starts explaining the problem.

Your mind goes blank. The nerves have got to you, and you just can’t think clearly under the pressure you’ve put yourself under.

You keep checking the time. 5 minutes have gone by.


You’re aware that the interviewer has been waiting for you to say something. You try to fill the silence with your thoughts, but this just disrupts your thought process.

You check the time again. 20 minutes have gone by.

You panic and before you know it, the interviewer says time is up and you have an opportunity to ask them questions.

Your heart sinks.

There’s no chance you’re getting to the next stage. But you muster up a few questions and ask them half-heartedly anyway.

The call ends and you get a rejection email a few days later.

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