The Russian Embassy in Sweden responded to the Swedish Minister’s statement about “Russian trolls” – E Hacking News

The Russian Embassy in Sweden reacted to an interview with Swedish Minister of Energy and Information Technology Anders Igeman to the TT Agency, in which he said that “Russian trolls” who are opponents of 5G technology attacked his Facebook.

Russia is open for cooperation with Sweden, especially with those of its representatives who are not looking for “Russian trolls”. The embassy of the Russian Federation in Sweden wrote about this on Tuesday on its Facebook page.

“We would like to assure the Minister of the fallacy of his opinion that the development of 5G technology in our country is associated with a negative impact on public health. On the contrary, we are open to cooperation with Swedish partners in this area, especially with those who do not suffer, as Anders Igeman, from paranoia in search of “Russian trolls”,” said the Embassy.

Anders Igeman said on Monday that an information attack was committed on one of his posts on Facebook organized by opponents of the development of the country’s fifth generation of mobile communication 5G. Almost 2 thousand comments were left to this message instead of several hundred. As the Minister himself noted, the content of most of the comments suggests that someone is interested in creating a negative information background around the topic of the development of a new generation of communication. Igeman believes that the “Russian trolls” did this.

“We are especially pleased that Anders Igeman connects the increased interest in his publication about 5G with our country. Judging by the scope of the reaction, almost all Russians who speak Swedish responded to the recent post of Minister!”, wrote the representatives of the diplomatic mission.

The Embassy promised to subscribe to the updates of the Swedish Minister and to closely monitor his activity in social networks.

At the same time, representatives of the Embassy expressed hope that Sweden will consider Russia not a threat, but a potential partner.

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