Mimecast Acquires Threat Protection Provider Segasec

Email and data security company Mimecast on Monday announced the acquisition of threat protection solutions provider Segasec.

The acquisition, Mimecast says, is expected to help it better defend customers against fake websites that aim to harvest the credentials of their customers, employees, partners, and third-party vendors within their supply chains.

With attackers employing sophisticated techniques to target organizations in a broad range of industries by using their brands as bait, Mimecast aims to provide brand exploit protection from the early stages of an attack.

Segasec uses machine learning to monitor domains on the Internet for suspected malicious activity and run targeted scans to identify attack patterns and uncover attacks. It also offers rapid takedown capabilities for active attacks, as well as the ability to limit the use of stolen data.

Mimecast plans to use Segasec’s technology to provide customers with the means to monitor, manage, block, and take down phishing or impersonation scams, thus helping organizations implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

“Segasec will allow our customers to take a proactive approach to identifying — and even potentially preventing — attacks that imitate their brands using domains they don’t own, while also offering the visibility required to understand how their brands are being misused for malicious intent. Additionally, Segasec’s solutions strongly complement our recent acquisition of DMARC Analyzer,” Peter Bauer, chief executive officer at Mimecast, said.

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