Overview of the Innovative Features Brought to Financial Markets by Level01

It has become common knowledge that blockchain has immense disruptive power that allows it to push a multifaceted narrative that seems to encapsulate the entirety of the global market, especially the financial markets. While this is a given, very few startups have successfully implemented blockchain solutions targeted at a large demographic and are poised to take on a financial sector that is traditionally known to thrive on intermediate services. 

Though that does not readily apply to Level01 as  the platform is slowly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the derivative exchange sector.

In this article, I will explore some of the features that set Level01 apart as well as the probability of achieving the company’s vision.

What is Level01?

Simply put, Level01 is a decentralized exchange that has combined blockchain and AI technology to facilitate trades, in the process eliminating the need for middlemen.

It is worth noting that a decentralized exchange is not a new concept, as several startups are currently tweaking different variations of solutions with the intent of establishing the autonomy of traders. However, LevelO1 sets itself apart from other entries in the market via its decision to cater to a trading niche that few blockchain-based platforms are keen on tackling.
Level01 provides a trustless and transparent ecosystem for trading derivative contracts as opposed to the conventional crypto-trading niche that decentralized exchanges predominantly adopt.

What Are the Features of Level01?

1. A P2P Matching and Trading System

One of the core features of the Level01 platform is its proprietary hybrid trading engine that matches trades on cloud servers and uses smart contracts to process trade settlement.

In other words, there are no elements of middlemen or brokers, which translates to lower fees and instant trade execution. Also, with the incorporation of an automatic trade matching system and smart contracts, it becomes possible to eradicate human errors, disputes, as well as unnecessarily long settlement processes.

2. An Intuitive System to Fast-Track the Process of Creating Trades

Given Level01 is a decentralized, P2P network, there is, therefore, no need for the stifling registration and trade creation processes associated with traditional derivative exchanges. For Level01, the key to creating a decentralized ecosystem is to unburden traders from all of the requirements that may reduce their autonomy or subject them to the authority of an unknown entity.

3. An Infrastructure That Tokenizes Funds

Asset tokenization is utilized within the Level01 project as its P2P network capitalizes on the innovative features of blockchain technology to securely tokenize funds entered into trades. As such, the tokenized assets are registered on an immutable ledger and protected with cryptography to eliminate the chances of data manipulation as well as theft. The incorporation of these measures is a testament to Level01’s commitment to implement a transparent business model for its derivatives exchange.

4. Multi-Markets Trading Options

While other crypto exchanges box themselves into the crypto trading sector, Level01, on the other hand, has adopted a framework that allows it to implement a new narrative of blockchain’s well-documented innovative edge. In other words, the Level01 platform has diversified its offerings and provided trading services to mainstream traders who are looking to distribute risks across markets with varying volatility, and at the same time, capitalize on blockchain’s unique capabilities. Here, traders can trade derivative contracts of commodities, digital assets, and forex. By doing so, users get to switch between markets effortlessly and eliminate the risks associated with concentrating one’s fund in a single asset class.

5. FairSense AI Risk & Reward Projection

In a show of technical prowess, the Level01 team has built a trademarked AI system – the FairSense Pricing Algorithm – that would optimize the trading experience offered to users. With this technology, traders can access estimated true market values of options and derivative contracts, which gives them a fairer chance at earning higher returns consistently. Also, the pricing algorithm utilizes premium-sourced data, relating to market trends, to track as well as provide dynamic, fair, and real-time prices to users. Needless to say, Level01 is one of those projects that have found a balance between two of the most coveted technologies – that is, AI and Blockchain.

6. Seamless Integration System with Thomson Reuters

Level01 has partnered with Thomson Reuters utilizing the company as an independent data source for its Artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm. According to Jonathan Loi, the CEO of Level O1, the startup had intentionally opted for the renowned data and news propagator because it incorporates similar trust principles that fuel Level01. Jonathan lo1 stated:

“Thomson Reuters is a respected industry leader in providing intelligent information and data, with trust principles aligned with our vision. Our collaboration with Thomson Reuters ensures we have the necessary quality data for Level 01 algorithms to perform in the most efficient manner,” 

Final Thoughts

Having explored the core features of the Level01 trading platform, it is safe to say that the team backing the project has dared to tread a unique path to provide services to traders who understand the place of technology in a competitive landscape. The startup has successfully surpassed the numerous challenges to bring its platform to fruition, and steadily attracting conventional traders to its fairer more beneficial offering.

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