Android App Development Guide: Advantages of Integrating Live Chat

A lot of times people visiting your mobile app try to get more information on a particular service, topic or context. They find ways to get in touch with you and convey their queries to clear-out their thoughts. It’s better to provide a specific platform to interact with them and keep the flow of engagement maintained.

Integrating live chat options will help them to have a reliable conversation with one of your customer service executives. They will look for instant responses through this interaction mode, and this is an opportunity to impress them with a quick chat.

Let’s explore the leverage you will get for your business once you implement this convenient feature in your mobile app:

Consistent Engagement

 When you aim to keep the customer engagement factor consistent, you might find several resources like emails, social media, etc. But, live chat feature can bring a great sort of attention from your audiences. As they will be getting instant responses from your team, they will feel reliable to use your mobile app.

Implementing this feature in your business app will help you stay connected with them. Social media and email engagements are productive but not as much as live chat. As customer service providers always ready to help, this option will offer a personal touch.

Cost-saving Strategy

The live chat option is a very budget-friendly option to interact with the target audiences. As executives can chat multiple users at once, this will save businesses to spend expenses on phone calls to talk with users. Integrating this feature will reduce expenses on the basis of several aspects.

Moreover, companies require more manpower when there are a large number of audiences to deal with. Live chat options won’t require selective personals to handle queries from several users. A few admins can do this work without bothering the budget of the company. 

Better Reviews

People generally talk about good and bad experiences about a company when they have a session of interaction with them. Live chat can be a great opportunity to improve the brand’s reputation through appropriate conversations. If you can impress them by the way you handle their queries, you can develop a trust for your brand.

These experiences are mentionable in the reviews and recommendations. And reviews will help to get more attention from the audiences. As a result, the live chat option will become a profitable solution for the brands. If everything goes according to their expectations, your brand will surely get a good response.

Improved Conversion Rates

There are several apps that don’t have a live chat feature on their page. So, users need to go on a separate contact page to reach them. This factor affects the conversion rate as they might get disappointed and choose to uninstall your app. 

To avoid this situation, you need to integrate your app with this chatting feature. When users get the opportunity to interact with your business executives, they will a sense of reliability from your brand.

Lead the competition

Most of the companies aim for more target audiences through different measures. And if they have their own app, they will keep executing methods to improve engagement and become more competitive. Implementing the live chat option will help your business to become a tough rival in the app development industry.

According to certain stats, ventures got the highest of 95% customer satisfaction rate through the live chatting option. This defines the worth of this game-changing feature in the app development industry.

Additionally, it might be possible that a majority of ventures won’t be able to recognize the significance of this feature. So, you have the leverage to integrate this asset in your business app and become more competitive.


User engagement and interaction is a vast topic that can lead your business towards high-end productivity. Using top technologies, you can brag this major objective and deliver the best outcomes in the app development industry. The live chat feature is an obvious tactic to make your app perfect for increasing the brand’s reputation.

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