Survey: What’s your cybersecurity strategy?

Cybersecurity: How hackers exploit unprotected systems
Researchers set up a honeypot to monitor what cyber criminals are doing when they target industrial environments – and found that hackers are going after factories in large numbers.

As cyberattacks continue to evolve and grow, both public and private companies must adapt their security techniques. But how? 
That is exactly what ZDNet’s sister site, TechRepublic Premium wants to discover, and it is conducting a survey to find out.
SEE: Cybersecurity strategy research: Common tactics, issues with implementation, and effectiveness (TechRepublic Premium)
If you are familiar with your organization’s cybersecurity strategy we want to hear from you. Who is responsible for your company’s cybersecurity strategy? What new tactics has your company added to its strategy? How confident are you in the cybersecurity measures your company is currently taking?
Take the cybersecurity strategy survey and tell us. The survey contains 12 multiple choice questions, and should take less than five minutes to complete. Responses will be compiled in an upcoming special feature report. 

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