HPE Acquires Identity Management Firm Scytale

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on Monday announced that it has acquired Scytale, an identity management startup that specializes in cloud-native security and zero trust networking.

Launched in 2017, Scytale is the company behind Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone (SPIFFE), a set of open-source standards designed for securely identifying software systems by providing a special X.509 certificate, which represents a secure identity, to every workload in a production environment. Scytale also created SPIRE, a production-ready implementation of the SPIFFE APIs.

SPIFFE and SPIRE were adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and they have been used by several major organizations. However, Scytale has also been offering a commercial product that extends SPIRE with various useful features, including ones that enable integration with SSO, SIEM and IAM platforms.

HPE says its acquisition of Scytale will provide customers and partners “the freedom to design, deploy, and achieve their IT operational goals, regardless of supplier or location, with the same level of trust that was previously achievable only through proprietary network-security schemes.”

The company says it plans on using SPIFFE and SPIRE in its own products, and it has promised to continue improving them.

“Scytale’s DNA is security, distributed systems, and open-source. Under HPE, Scytale will continue to help steward SPIFFE. Our ever-growing and vocal community will lead us. We’ll toil to maintain this transparent and vendor-neutral project, which will be fundamental in HPE’s plans to deliver a dynamic, open, and secure edge-to-cloud platform,” said Sunil James, CEO and co-founder of Scytale.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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