Algorithms and Data Structures – By Gaston

Well, this is where you are separated by the ones who are good or excellent software developers. In this case, I will tell you that at the beginning or at least in my case and I know that most of the time and for most people who I know, you will feel like an incompetent or an idiot. Basically, how is it possible that I cannot understand this and then you get frustrated.

In this case, I will tell you it is not so bad as you think, and you will tell me: “You see, you even need to find the efficiency”, talking to me about the Big O notation and your confusion about what do you need to use. I will answer you this, first of all, forget about code and try to focus on your problem like if it was a mathematical one and after that, only after that if you understood begin to code.

After you followed my suggestion you will start to study about algorithms data structures where you will find things like stack, nodes, trees, etc . And you will get afraid of them, but now I told you at the beginning, is not so bad as it seems

Here it is a list of the path that you will need to follow:

  • Choose a programming language
  • Study the basics of that coding language
  • Study about algorithms and data structures
  • Practice simple data structures algorithmic coding challenges
  • Practice more complex coding challenges


So not be afraid of this kind of topic, but remember you will have to try to become a master because is one of the most important topics of a job interview. This is where the interviewers check your capacity not only to solve problems, they can even check your creativity and on top of that your capacity to surprise them.

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