All the major Intel vulnerabilities

RIDL is part of a class of vulnerabilities impacting modern processors that are named Microarchitectural Data Sampling attacks, or MDS attacks. These attacks target a CPU’s microarchitectural data structures, such as the load, store, and line fill buffer caches.

More specifically, RIDL exploits a hardware design flaw in the line buffer cache to extract secret data from a CPU’s sensitive areas. It is similar to ZombieLoad, however, different, and was discovered by a different set of academics.

According to the research team, “attackers who can run unprivileged code on machines with recent Intel CPUs – whether using shared cloud computing resources, or using JavaScript on a malicious website or advertisement – can steal data from other programs running on the same machine, across any security boundary: other applications, the operating system kernel, other VMs (e.g., in the cloud), or even secure (SGX) enclaves. “

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