Social Media Networks Are Becoming Extensions of Ourselves: Can We Size Up?

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We are living in the digital age. The internet revolution that began in the 90s has completely changed the way we live and connect with others. In the old days, communication was limited. Talking to someone in the next city, let alone another country was very slow. You had to write a letter and send it via mail. The process took a lot of time. Nowadays communicating with someone even on the other side of the globe is very fast and usually free. Internet is truly a thing of wonder and just a few decades ago no one could have even imagined this is how the internet would take over our lives

As the internet matured and became common among people, different social networks started popping up. Today, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many other social media platforms that connect us with friends and beyond. Users like these platforms, as social networks are a state of opportunity for everyone! They can not only use the latest filters and tools available in these network applications but also create their own online styles, adding a personal contribution to each available template. You can join groups that speak about your interests and become part of your favorite communities. It is also a great place to look for work and communicate with potential employers! Most of these platforms are free to use, so why not do it as a customer when you have everything you need at hand?
Social media has also proved to be great for businesses as well. Due to the huge amount of traffic and activity on social media platforms, many businesses have modeled themselves to be effective on these forums. Personalized ads cater to each specific customer’s needs and unique tastes. You can even buy already set up accounts on platforms like Instagram accsmarket. These accounts can jump start your activity on social media platforms and you can market your content or increase traffic for your product or business.

Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Answering this question is really tough because there is no one right answer. Social media usage is neither good nor bad. It depends on an individual user how he or she utilizes the platform and what type of activities are carried out. Many people have used social media to make thousands of dollars or gain millions of followers. Others have influenced the world around them by using these forums. Clearly, you can do lots of positive work for yourself and others around you using social media. On the flip side, you can do a lot of harm to others on social media as well. Cyberbullying, privacy hacks, blackmailing, stalking and scamming are also common on social media platforms. It is entirely on the person using the platform to decide how he or she wants to utilize the forum.

Many businesses earn huge revenues from working on social media platforms. You can even buy private proxy for your unique needs. Having
private proxies can come in handy in various situations. You can share information securely or build a private network if you have a private

How is Social Media Shaping Our Lives?

There is no question about the fact that social media has transformed the way we live online or offline. We are living two lives, one online and the other offline. Never before in history, communication was this quick and easy. People can stay connected to their families, friends or work even if they are on the other side of the globe. This is a huge leap in how closely we have knitted the world together. Social media is shaping our lives in more than one way. Here is a quick look at how social media affects us:

  1. Social media is becoming a necessary component of large corporations. In the days of the past, social media was seen as a leisure time activity, but not anymore. From the president of the United States of America to a large bank, everyone is getting aboard the social media train to connect better with their customers and the public in general.
  2. Our medical care system is getting remodeled due to social media. Ranging from large campaigns to increase awareness of online consulting on Skype, social media has revolutionized the core concepts of medical care. Who knows what our medical system will look like in the future.
  3. Governing styles and policies are being reshaped by social media. Governments used to reshape laws and alter constitutions based on limited inputs from the masses but it has started to change now. Masses are getting their messages across using social media and now governments are forced to listen to the voices on the internet.
  4. Social media is proving itself to be really useful in disaster management activities. Forums like Facebook have features like “Mark as Safe” where you can see which areas are affected by a disaster. This is changing how we respond to a crisis.
  5. Social media is helping tackle the biggest issues ranging from human rights violations to climate change. Social media is a forum through which you can connect with people who are suffering from human rights violations and get their messages across the board.


Social media has become our second life and no one knows how will it shape the world in the coming years or decades. This has changed how we connect with people. You are aware of what your friends are doing in their everyday lives and how the live.

These are unprecedented times in which we are living!

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