Russians were warned about the danger of installing banking apps on the phones – E Hacking News

In some situations, the use of the program could lead to leakage of personal information. The specialist gave advice on how not to become a victim of fraud

Banking apps for smartphones have significantly simplified the lives of citizens. But sometimes they can cause serious harm. The head of the company Digital platform Arseny Shcheltsin shared recommendations in this regard.

First, the specialist urged people to install an antivirus program on their phone. Also, access to accounts with a lot of money should be blocked from the phone. Shcheltsin also reminded about the trick of hackers who send SMS messages from unknown numbers: people should not follow the link in any case.

According to him, the Bank’s mobile app is one of the most popular apps that people install on their phones. This is due to the fact that in the mobile app, it is usually easier and more mobile to manage the account and communicate with the Bank. Regular communication using chat is even faster than communication with the Bank’s call center.

The expert warned that people can accidentally download an unofficial Bank app to phone. It may be safe, but its usefulness is questionable. Most likely, the program is configured to collect personal data of a person for subsequent sale to large firms that provide services.

Mobile banks are constantly increasing their functionality, however, there is a risk that fraudsters or hackers can gain access to the Bank’s mobile app by somehow placing a malicious app on the victim’s phone. In the future, this malicious software gets access to application up to the ability to transfer money. 

Now banks are more serious about this issue, but despite the fact that the number of stolen money by this method is constantly decreasing, such cases still exist.

It is interesting to note that Alexei Krichevsky, an IT expert at the Academy of Finance and Investment Management, said that the owners of devices running on Android should install an antivirus application on a smartphone first. Unlike iOS, this system is more susceptible to hacker attacks.

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