The Russian quality system (Roskachestvo) spoke about the vulnerabilities of “smart” homes – E Hacking News

According to Roskachestvo, the Internet of things devices can violate the physical and information security of the owner if hackers get access to them, so they must be protected from cyberattacks.

“All smart home devices can be connected to a single system, which, in turn, must be connected to your smartphone and computer. Thus, if a hacker or virus managed to get into any place through vulnerabilities, they are highly likely to be able to hack all other devices along the chain,” said the organization.

“Smart home” is any system of home devices (IoT devices) that can communicate via the Internet with the owner and with each other, performing certain actions without human participation. In recent years, various elements of the “smart home” have discovered vulnerability to cyber attacks.

“An unsecured “smart home” can be hacked not even by people, but by algorithms,” warned experts .

Strong passwords, including changing them after purchase, and two-factor authentication will help provide the necessary protection. In addition, it is important to use antivirus programs, at least one VPN router to ensure that the IoT network is separate from the network of the main computer, and regularly update the software of each device.

“Many smart devices come with default passwords, which makes it easier to hack them, since all the factory codes are merged into the network. Be sure to manually configure the smart device immediately after purchase and change the user names and passwords that are set by default,” said  Roskachestvo.

“If you are considering purchasing smart devices, weigh the pros and cons. Convenience and originality are on one side of the scale, and physical and information security is on the other,” said Ilya Loyevsky, deputy head of Roskachestvo.

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