Google Cloud Unveils New Service for Government Workloads

Google this week announced Assured Workloads for Government, a new Google Cloud service meant to address some of the unique challenges faced by government organizations adopting cloud technologies.

Aimed at government contractors, suppliers and customers, the service helps them achieve security and compliance requirements for running government workloads, which often require organizations to run two distinct application and operation supply chains.

Currently available in private beta, Assured Workloads for Government seeks to simplify the process of configuring applications for compliance, while also ensuring compatibility between commercial and government cloud.

Assured Workloads enables organizations to easily secure and configure sensitive workloads by automatically enforcing necessary cloud controls, Google explains.

The service was designed to help organizations meet standards set by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), by the Department of Defense (i.e., IL4), or the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

“With Assured Workloads for Government, Google Cloud customers can quickly and easily create controlled environments where U.S. data location and personnel access controls are automatically enforced in any of our U.S. cloud regions,” Google explains.

With Assured Workloads, organizations can select where the data should be stored, can limit Google support personnel access, select predefined security configurations and avoid misconfigurations, and restrict deployment of resources to desired Google Cloud regions only.

Later this year, Google also plans on launching Assured Workloads Support, which will ensure that Premium customers benefit from 24/7 support in the U.S.

“Assured Workloads for Government helps reduce the risk and toil of running compliant workloads, without sacrificing functionality, so you can focus on all the other important tasks your business deals with every day,” Google notes.

Assured Workloads is expected to become generally available in beta in the fall.

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