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Video Conferencing is the one tool that makes work from home achievable and hassle free and with systems like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet the work from home scenario has settled quite comfortably. But with increasing users and demand, competition among these softwares has become cut-throat. Though Zoom is dominating the market currently, Google meet has announced two new features to be integrated from October 8th. 

The two features that Google announced on their blogpost are Q&A and Polls. 

 “Starting October 8, we’re launching two highly-requested features in Google Meet to help you connect and engage with people on your video calls: Q&A and polls,” said Google in the blog post. 

Both these features will help to engage with your audience; Google said the Q&A will help the audience and well as the host to get their queries answered be it for educators or the workforce.

 “Educators can use Q&A as a structured way for students to ask questions on class content and get answers from teachers,” said Google. 

Q&A will provide students with a structured way to ask their questions and users can even up-vote questions they want to be answered without disrupting the session. It will also help the host to answer the most asked question, they will also get an email listing the questions if they want to address them later. Businesses can also use Q&A to be more clear and inclusive. 

The polls on other hand are an interesting feature to add but not any less relevant with quite some advantages. They are very good for feedbacks, quick decision making that is inclusive, for quiz and votes. 

“Business users can easily get real-time feedback from their colleagues, teachers can quiz remote students to ensure they’re absorbing the material, and sales teams can make their sales presentations to prospective customers more engaging and interactive,” said Google. 

The feature will be available to Suite Essentials, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers but not to G Suite Basic, G Suite for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofit customers. 

 Be on the lookout for the new features on Oct 8, but it could take 15 days to reach everywhere.

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