Okta plots new SDK, API to enable biometric, push notifications on mobile


Okta is launching a new software developer kit and application programming interface that will enable developers to build biometric and push notification sign-ins. 

The move is part of a broader effort for password-less sign-ins to reduce friction and boost security. With the Okta SDK and API, developers can build mobile apps with branded push notifications and biometrics like FaceID to authenticate users.

According to Okta, security and authentication services need to acknowledge mobile-first workflows and technologies.


Okta is leveraging its Okta Devices Platform Service to do the following:

  • Embed Okta Verify technology with push and biometrics in mobile applications.
  • Develop branded omnichannel multi-factor authentication with custom push messaging and action buttons.
  • Deploy more layers of protection in high-risk access attempts.
  • Allow end users to view and manage their Okta registered devices including self-service options if a device is lost or stolen.

The Okta Devices SDK will be available for iOS and Android in early access in the first quarter of 2021.

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Separately, Okta outlined a partnership with Salesforce to integrate identity services in the Work.com suite.

Okta also updated its Okta Advanced Server Access to integrate with no-code automation through Okta Workflows and third-party providers to scale. The enhancements are aimed at scaling cloud-based identity infrastructure.

With the Okta Advanced Server Access. DevOps teams can provision resources across public clouds while keeping identity and access policies consistent, enforce role-based access controls and meet compliance requirements.

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