Russian business expressed fear about the isolation from the global Internet – E Hacking News

Representatives of big business warned that banning modern website encryption protocols in Russia is tantamount to disconnecting the country from the global Internet. The adoption of the bill in the proposed form, in their opinion, will formally make it illegal to use smartphones and computers and will entail “catastrophic consequences”.

Recall that, in September, the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia proposed banning encryption protocols that allow hiding the name or ID of the site requested by the user. These protocols — TLS 1.3, ESNI, DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TLS — are already being gradually implemented by some browsers. The department believes that the use of these protocols will prevent the system from restricting access to resources containing prohibited information.

It is noted that any encryption protocols are suitable for vague definitions in the text of the bill, regardless of the scope of application. This means that after the law comes into force, any encryption will be formally outlawed, that is, the use of computers and smartphones as such will become illegal, and the operation of any information (for example, banking) will be paralyzed.

The bill will also entail serious costs for the budget: all “illegal” cryptography in state information systems will have to be upgraded or simply disabled. The business products of Russian IT companies will also suffer — without the support of popular encryption technologies, they will become uncompetitive on the world market. And the personal data of Russians will be visible to any technical specialists of Telecom operators and hackers.

Earlier, E Hacking News was reported that Roskomnadzor has notified one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges  Binance about entering it into the register of prohibited sites.

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