Cloudflare Launches New Zero Trust Networking, Security Platform

Cloudflare on Monday announced the launch of a new zero trust platform that can help organizations address the networing and security challenges associated with an increasingly remote workforce.

Cloudflare One is a cloud-based network-as-a-service solution that is designed to protect networks, devices and applications, and improve performance.

The security and performance solutions provider says it has launched the new platform in response to organizations increasingly moving to the cloud and the changes related to remote workforces brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.Cloudflare announces new platform

According to the company, the Cloudflare One platform provides a set of tools that allows users to safely and quickly connect to work applications, it enables remote workers to use the same app without the need to expose it to the public internet, and it makes personal devices more secure for business use.

Cloudflare One leverages Cloudflare Access for identification purposes and Cloudflare Gateway to inspect traffic on the network and block threats and data exfiltration. The platform also leverages a next-generation firewall, called Magic Firewall, for network layer filtering, and browser isolation tech to provide protection against attacks coming from the internet. All of these components will be rolled out and detailed this week.

The solution integrates with identity services from Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Microsoft and Google, and endpoint security solutions from CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, Tanium and Carbon Black.

“Cloudflare One puts the entire corporate network behind a single pane of glass. By integrating with leading identity providers and endpoint security solutions, Cloudflare One enables companies to enforce a consistent set of policies across all their applications,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “Since the network is the common denominator of all applications, by building control into the network Cloudflare One ensures consistent policies whether an application is new or legacy, run on-premise or in the cloud, and delivered from your own infrastructure or a multi-tenant SaaS provider.”

Cloudflare has hired Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on the impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity teams. The study found that more than three-quarters of businesses believe their cybersecurity approach is “antiquated” and nearly two-thirds believe legacy network security tools are not effective in protecting corporate data.

As for the shift to remote work, 58% of those surveyed said they experienced a data breach and nearly as many reported seeing an increase in phishing attacks.

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