Accurics raises funding for self-healing cloud infrastructure


Photo: Tom Foremski

Northern California-based startup Accurics has raised $20m in seed and Series A funding, mostly from Intel Capital, for improving the security of cloud-native applications with a self-healing approach. 

Accurics ensures that the infrastructure code supporting developers creating cloud-native applications has no security risks and is able to actively plug future security threats.

“There is a big shift to cloud-native applications which risks outpacing the security measures needed. We can programmatically mitigate security risks in the Cloud through Infrastructure as Code — before provisioning, allowing developers to concentrate on app functionality,” said co-founder and CEO Sachin Aggarwal.

He said that raising money during the COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic wasn’t a problem but that everything had to be done via video with no face-to-face meetings. 

“Our investors appreciate that COVID-19 has sped up the move to cloud native applications as companies beef up their e-commerce operations and supporting apps,” said Aggarwal.

The rush to the cloud is outpacing the cyber-security needed for safe deployment — this is the gap that Accurics is targeting. 

Accurics’ team of about 25 people has been working from home-based offices and has been able to create the foundation of Accurics’ self-healing cloud technology in just six months.

A webinar “The Future of Cloud Native Security is Self-Healing” is planned for November 5 at 10am PST:

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