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In recent months, there has been an exponential surge in malware attacks. According to the checkpoint, the last quarter itself has seen an increase of 50% in malware attacks. “In the last 3 months, there has been a 50% increase in the daily average of attacks, compared to the first half of 2020. US ransomware and malware attacks doubled (~98% increase) in the last 3 months, making it the #1 most targeted country for ransomware, followed by India, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Turke”, reports checkpoint. 

CSO Online recently published a report and the results are staggering, as per the sample 92% of malware is delivered by email. Another report by Symantec quotes that 48% of malicious email attachments are office files. With these numbers, it is not a question of will you suffer a malware attack rather when you will suffer a malware attack? 

So, ehackingnews did some research into cybersecurity products for email and phishing malware as well as file protection, and one company stood out with their promising technology and competent product- Odix and their patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) tech.

Odix- CDR, and FileWall 

Odix, headquartered in Israel with clients from the US, Europe recently tapped into the Indian market. They specialize in anti-malware tools using their patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (TrueCDR™) technology. What CDR does is it takes your file, removes any malicious harmful content, and provide you with a malware-free clean file instead of detecting attack vectors and malwares because trying to detect and learn every new malware vendor is impossible.

“Everybody is seeing a flood of malware and we see millions of new unique samples every day and the common method to deal with that is detection. You get something and you check it and determine whether it’s malicious or not but the amount of new malware that we are seeing in the world every day makes it impossible for detection based solutions to keep up, we see them lagging behind and not being able to detect everything that comes out and the concept behind CDR is a bit different than it’s a detectionless method where the aim is to prevent the attack first and once we keep the attack out after that we go into layers of trying to analyze and disarm any active content that might serve as a vector to deliver malware and malicious playloads and by doing that you can provide a safe copy to the user without burning yourself to detect any new thing that comes out” said Mr.Omri, CTO at Odix in conversation with ehackingnews. 

“Normally CDR was something only large corporation
was thinking about it because it requires a lot of effort, deployment,
integration. With FileWall, you got the affordable service – a dollar
per user per month, unseen in case of CDR and a game-changer,” says Ms.Revital, CMO Odix.

Now, what differentiates FileWall and Odix’s CDR from other CDR providers is their efficiency and focus on particular file types that come in and go via mails in FileWall and hence their analysis of these particular files is very advanced and efficient. Odix is constantly working to add more filetypes in their operations and although it’s strictly file-based protection, they are working towards providing a third-party Url solution and Url re-writing for false links in the file. As CTO Mr.Omri says, “We used to look at CDR as a solution and preventive measure while now we’re starting to look at CDR as a vehicle that knows how to dive into files and so to partner with different players with security space” to give a more secure and encompassing solution. 

One thing to CDR is, although it’s exceedingly competent with database files, when it comes to executable files, “modifying them breaks them” and it’s better to have CDR plugins and FileWall as an additional layer of security for your files; also such files would already be scanned in Microsoft’s ATP (Advance Threat Protection). 

 Standing at 1 dollar per user per month, Odix’s FileWall with CDR technology is a promising file security solution for Microsoft 365 users.

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