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world is changing, technology is changing. We
conducted an interview with one of the founders of a new startup Digital
Witnessor and lawyer Mister Dhruv Bagri. He shared with us his
knowledge about copyright, how to securely register it, quickly and
easily, using Blockchain, and from a legal point of view.

you have created your own software, your clothes design, a
choreographic dance, wrote a poem and do not know how to register
copyrights to your creation,
 how to protect your rights, then this article is for you.

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Dhruv Bagri, I am a  Lawyer
at RDB Associates. We frequently work on matters relating to
Intellectual Property protection, including a lot of copyright
infringement work. I’m also one of the founders of the platform Digital

  • How would you describe Digital Witnessor?

have developed a platform called Digital Witnessor that creates
timestamps using blockchain on your works. This allows you to protect
your intellectual property rights in just a few seconds. The timestamp
is considered official proof of ownership, and this saves you a
considerable amount of time and legal fees in case of infringements and
helps in more than one way. As the Company is based out of Estonia and
the Service provided has been structured, studied, and developed by
industry veterans from Cyber Security Privacy Foundation PTE Ltd, a
Singapore based cyber security company, it boasts of maintaining high
levels of privacy in accordance with GDPR guidelines and also provides
high levels of security protection to any and all content passing
through the Platform.

  • Why copyright is so important?

copyright is a right in rem, which means that the right exists on the
person who created the work right from the time such work was created.
The platform is created at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty in the law with regard to copyright. 
Music and Art and their associated businesses are booming in the last decade. All these come under copyrightable work.  So, the copyright timestamped entity that is Digital Witnessor helps protect individuals and companies against copyright theft.

  • Are companies secure from their own programmers/employees and third parties?

the company would be the copyright holder, even though an employee
might create it on behalf of the company. That is usually the structure
that is in place and is an industry-standard. However, there are times
when the company would not be holding the copyright. And that basically
implies that the company needs to go ahead and register the copyright
with country-specific entities/registrars that are available within
their respective jurisdictions, which would create a legally binding
registration that could be affected in a court of law. However, without
that, litigation becomes a big hassle when copyright has not been
registered. It becomes harder to prove that the work is originally
theirs. So, Digital Witnessor takes away this problem for the
company. We will generate a timestamp for the company data that needs
copyright using blockchain technology.
 In fact, it’s just a hash
that is created and that could stamp your creation. The main file would
also not be required to be uploaded. A file would be stamped without
giving us access to its contents in case of any sensitive and
confidential information which creates a bit of a hesitation in the
holder of the works as to providing such content to us. 

  • How can a timestamp be useful in court? It’s legal?

a legal point of view, a proceeding that includes a hash-signed block
is an electronic document that can serve as written evidence in court.

would also be helpful in case you are applying for copyright after a
particular period of time, for example, you need to apply for copyright
because the company is selling its entity and the buying entity would
require such IP rights to exist. Similarly, a company receiving
investments, the investor would always be more favorable to companies
holding IP rights as this would deem to be an intangible asset in the
company books. So, a timestamp would help the registration
authorities to access this document in itself and in determining the
exact time on which such the work was created.
 That makes things simpler. Secondly, a timestamp would be binding in a court of law.
Blockchain has been implemented in quite a few countries across the
world. So, it would definitely be helpful in most of the countries
around the world.

plays the role of a virtual notary and is much more credible than the
traditional one. Because nobody can alter the information on the
blockchain, not even the Company and I think that is the beauty of this

  • What kind of blockchain – private/public are you using? Why?

are using a public blockchain. Firstly, in a public blockchain, anyone
can take part by verifying and adding data to the blockchain. Secondly, A
public network is more secure due to decentralization and active
participation. Thirdly, a private blockchain is more prone to hacks,
risks, and data breaches/ manipulation. In a private blockchain, anyone
who is overseeing the network can alter or modify any transactions
according to their needs.

  • How does it work? For example, I am a designer and I want to copyright a shoe model. What should I do and how will it happen?

I mentioned earlier, it can be uploaded on the platform. It is not
necessary that the design in itself be uploaded onto the platform.

which the platform would timestamp that particular uploaded file, in
this case, that file will contain a shoe design. Once that is
timestamped and the credentials of the author are stamped, it enters the

should be noted that the content of the original works is never
available to be viewed on the blockchain or exposed publicly. It is not
visible to us as and it’s not visible to any third party either.

So, what we provide is a time stamping facility which allows you to do three things:

    •    Legally establish yourself as the copyright owner of the work.

    •    Legally establish the date of creation.

    •    Take legal action against anyone who infringes on your copyrighted work.

Ease in assignment and transfer of said Copyrighted works to 3rd Party entities and individuals 

  • We know that Digital Witnessor works together with legal company RDB Associates? What is the role of this company?

Associates is a full-service multi-specialty law firm based out of
Bangalore in India and with multiple offices across India. I am one of
the founding partners of the firm, which started in 2017. We believe
that in our country as well many people are not going to go and get
their copyrights registered, or we see that people do that for their
other available Intellectual property rights such as trademarks,
industrial designs, Patents, etc.

with copyright, no one really gives that extra push to get their works
registered. So, we noticed that there were many infringement matters
wherein copyrights were in question and it was very hard for even the
opposing counsel and for us to prove that such and such copyright
existed at a particular time or not.

did find a way to prove that the creations are in fact created on those
particular timelines. It made the process a little more streamlined and
a little more simple especially since it’s not easy for everyone to
approach the registrar for the Copyright and requires properly drafted
applications. With the introduction of the platform Digital
Witnessor, one can do it in a few seconds and get the process of
registration started with ease.

have a separate intellectual property team that works on registration
and cases of infringement. We are integrated into the whole aspect
through the onboarding of our clients onto this Platform or giving legal
opinions on whether copyright exists or not, sending out legal notices
in case of any infringements, and so on and so forth.

What is the distinctive feature of your company from others on the market?

there aren’t many timestamping companies. We don’t technically provide
the same service as other competitors in the market dealing with similar
platforms. However, one of the features that is distinctive is that we
provide for easy assignment of copyrights from the copyright owner to
third parties. So, that is a great feature that is available on our

our other main USP is that our platform is going to be used across the
world. Most of the companies that exist are very jurisdictional
specific, so they only apply to certain areas thereby limiting their
rights to such certain jurisdictions alone. 

  • What are the benefits that a company would get by using the platform Digital Witnessor?

benefits that the company would get is primarily establishing their
definite right in rem and streamlining the process of registering with
applicable registrars/entities in their jurisdictions by making it much
easier for registration of their work.

will ease the process in a way that quicker decisions would be made
regarding the infringement of copyrights. And individuals do not have to
wait longer and go through a long, arduous litigation process to get
justice. So we believe that in case of IP rights, it is important to
establish definite rights and to not leave it open-ended whereby one
invites liability. Streamlining the process is very important and that’s
the main benefit that the platform would be providing.

  • How do you see the company in 5 years?

do have certain things lined up and planned for the next couple of
years, for starters, the integration of the technology for agreements.
Enforceability of contracts and agreement terms would be made much
easier. So once this facility is provided, I think many companies would
be or would in fact like using this platform just to streamline the
internal processes as well.

But currently, I think we need to concentrate on copyright protection, and we shall take it one step at a time.

  • We’ve covered quite a bit in this conversation. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share about?

think we covered most of the aspects of the platform and its benefits. 
Just looking forward to see how this develops, grows, and integrates
itself into the market in the coming few months

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