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 In the next decade, Russia will face digital transformation and the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence and big data analysis, said President Vladimir Putin during the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference.

“In the implementation of our plans, we must use the developments of domestic innovative companies and startups, our mathematical schools,” noted the Russian leader.

He pointed out that billions of rubles will be spent only on the digital transformation of public administration and the transfer of all public services to an electronic format.

In addition, it is planned that next year a tenth of Russian medical institutions will be able to use AI technologies in their work.

According to the President, breakthrough technologies should improve the well-being and quality of life of Russians.

“We must build relations with artificial intelligence in such a way that breakthrough technologies will help us achieve our national goals, if we talk about our country, transform Russia, strengthen its position in the world,” stressed Putin.

At the same time, according to the head of state, artificial intelligence will never replace a person. In his opinion, it is important for humanity to learn how to manage artificial intelligence, and for this, it is necessary to “be skilled and competent”. The state, society, business and every person need to meet the impressive dynamics of change and master new knowledge and technologies.

“When I say that people will control machines, that’s what I mean. It is necessary to subdue one of the greatest technologies that humanity has ever created,” said Putin.

At the same time, he called for reducing the risks of using the Internet in advance, including eliminating the possibility of leakage of personal data of Russians and “ensuring unconditional respect for the rights of citizens.”

The President noted that it depends on a person how carefully he will manage the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence.

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