Crypto Trading App Voyager Hit By Cyberattack, Company Shuts Down Website – E Hacking News


Cryptocurrency brokerage platform Voyager stopped its operations on 28th December after it suffered a  cyberattack that disrupted its DNS configuration. Voyager Digital LLC is a cryptocurrency is a brokerage platform where an investor can trade their assets with the help of the Voyager mobile app. The company has shown rapid growth in the year 2020, increasing its growth by 40x times in the last 12 months. Not only this, Voyager currently holds under management $200 million in assets.
On 28th December, Voyager’s online platform had to shut down due to, as per the press release “currently undergoing maintenance.” 

The company later revealed that it had suffered a cyberattack which led to the closing and canceling of all limit orders.
Steve Ehrlich, Co-founder, and CEO of Voyager said in a press release that “customer funds and security are of the utmost importance to Voyager. Whilst all funds and crypto are secure we have had to temporarily halt trading on the platform and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank our clients for their patience.” 

The team at voyager had no trouble finding the intrusion, the moment it was detected, the team shut down the systems to save client information and assets. 
After the cyberattack, the Voyager app is now online, and all the tradings on the website are now back to normal. To assure cybersecurity, Voyager signed out all its users from the app and has advised them to change their login credentials and reset 2-step verification (2fa).
As of now, there is not much detail about how the cyberattack happened other than a tweet that mentioned that it was a DNS attack. 

“With a highly experienced team that has previously built successful online brokerages, we know the importance of having robust and highly secure systems to counter cyber attacks. With our rapid growth to date bringing the business into the spotlight, we are fully prepared for such events and in this case, have acted swiftly to prevent any impact on the business,” says Voyager press release. 

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